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Begin Your Digital Strategy With the End in Mind

dunce-6This is a good article from Business Insider to spur on thoughts about how to ensure you can do digital ROI. Key messages: Plan your data strategy and know how to properly model your attribution. Last touch won’t cut it. Link online and offline. Digital Marketers Got This Wrong About ROI.

The ideas in this article are related to ones in really focus on what makes an online service more valuable and viable in the long run. Viable online strategies are ones that take advantage of the insights in this article by Adam Rifkin, CEO, PandaWhale.


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Ad Attribution Model Options and Why It Matters

The article below offers a solid attribution overview. James asks a great question here 1) to highlight that, yes, we can and do measure and predict attribution 2) to show blindly applying a model can give you a harmful answer 3) because its so important to understand the mind of the consumer and their experience with your communications. My answer: balance data availability, context and decision integration and any of them could be very useful to you. We do versions of funnel all the time and combine with other kinds of models including media mix to get a great bearing on the a productive answer. 

James outlines three levels of attribution:

  • Full Funnel
  • Post-Click or Last-Click
  • Post View
  • Equal Attribution
  • Fractional Attribution

One I would add which is also quite valuable would be Integrated Attribution. Shoot me an email if you want to know more about this option. It puts attribution in context of a Media Mix model and above the line communications activities.


Which Ad Attribution Model Should You Use?

James Green is the chief executive officer of Magnetic. He’s charged with driving overall company expansion and building out its search re-targeting infrastructure. Digital advertising has been known to provide marketers with…

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