About Chris Diener

Hi, welcome to my blog that really penetrates to the heart of my interests and motivations: Leadership in, through, by and with analytics. Leadership means vision. When I founded The Modellers in the 90’s my goal was to provide and contribute to leadership. The name “The Modellers” resonated with me and my co-founders. A leader is a modeler. Why? Because leaders need to provide motivating vision. Vision is a picture of what can be — a prediction of a future state. A model shows how to bring about that future state – the path and the influences and drivers. A leader has a model in her/his mind and seeks to communicate that to others in such a way that it sets an agenda and connects what people do now to what they want to achieve.

Analytics and modeling do not have to involve complex numbers, math or statistics. However, building, testing and applying models and using analysis are fundamental building blocks of solid leadership.

Currently as President, and founder, of The Analytics Team, Inc., I bring modeling and analytics leadership to my clients and support the firm across all teams. I focus on high impact multivariate analytics solutions. These are custom-fit to each specific project and situation to bring out the richest insights and help drive successful solutions.

In my work I seek to drive organizational effectiveness and growth by expanding capability and honing competence and structure. I build value by connecting critical business needs with the analytics and insight processes that ensure success. And in this way I leads in the application, innovation, marketing, sales and delivery of solutions based on predictive analytics.

With nearly 20 years of experience in advanced analytics and marketing strategy consulting engagements and initiatives, my sweet spot is in the innovation and delivery of predictive analytics solutions based on Big and “small” Data. As a unique strength in the emerging Big Data field, not only does I know data and systems but I see consumers from the inside-out, being one of the foremost experts in the area of understanding and predicting consumer decision-making, having authored a book and many papers in these areas.

For example, in a recent innovation, I developed a theory of “tribal loyalty” and combined it with statistical and machine learning approaches in the digital and social media domains.

I have been actively involved in marketing science and marketing strategy consulting on executive levels from the early 1990s. I enjoy working with others and have had the opportunity to be an accomplished organizational and industry leader. My expertise encompasses such critical areas as operations, management strategy, marketing strategy, and higher-level quantitative analysis and analytics design. I love providing solutions in optimization, advanced effectiveness/driver models, segmentation and trade-off modeling.

I motivate progress through distinctive ideas and inspirational outcomes. Part of this is to manage with a philosophy of tailored accountability, coaching and direct instruction. Respect and consideration are hallmarks of my interpersonal style. Folks have told me that I communicate effectively, keenly aware of interpersonal and group dynamics. I aspire to communicate as a bridge-builder and storyteller.

I have taught MBA courses, been an applied academic researcher, am published multiple times over and made presentations at conferences around the world. I also enjoy my time as husband of over 20 years, a father of 5, a runner, reader, tennis player, student of well-being and occasional visual arts experimenter.

My educational background includes earning a PhD in marketing science for work in econometrics, psychology and quantitative marketing under Professor Jordan Louviere; and completing Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration degrees. My undergraduate studies culminated with a BA in Economics.

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