Founder of Firm Acquired by Omnicom Starts New Marketing and Market Research Analytics Company

Logo with subtitle 3Now nearly five years since Omnicom Group, Inc. acquired The Modellers, LLC, founder Dr. Chris Diener has started a new company, The Analytics Team, Inc. ( When Dr. Diener originated the idea and co-founded the prior firm in 1998, the aim was to provide advanced analytics services to other market research, advertising and consulting firms. That was the main roadmap for the first eight years. It was a “wholesale” analytics approach. It then grew into a full service market research firm creating potential channel conflict with its original clientele. Now, it has been merged with Hall and Partners, Inc. leading to further channel concerns.


The Analytics Team, Inc. is returning to this pure “wholesale analytics” service model, giving service providers a new analytics option, yet based on over 20 years experience in the industry and having done it before.  On the market research side, It provides high quality multivariate analytics from maps and driver models, through chaid and segmentation, to MaxDiff and choice modeling or choice-based conjoint. But it also combines these more traditional approaches with database, social media, and marketing analytics helping internal and external MR teams to integrate all the data at hand.


Though similar to the first company, The Analytics Team, Inc. has several unique elements shaped for the needs of today’s market. Dr. Diener, the President and founder, describes the positioning of the company,


Chris Diener“When I first started nearly 20 years ago our choice modeling approaches were leading edge and we thus positioned the company as the one that could solve your toughest problems — sort of the pinnacle of advanced analytics. We invested heavily in very custom approaches, because there were no alternatives for what we were aiming to do. We also acquired a level of exclusivity to our brand. This also required premium fees for our work. Most research firms don’t need the ultimate complex solution. And many of the existing needs are now more standard.”


“Our partners don’t want to differentiate on complexity or handling the hardest projects. Rather they want to differentiate based on unique, innovative solutions and custom-fit insights. They want to build their own brands and potentially design their own signature or hallmark services. They want to build their own internal analytics resources across time. They are looking for a partner who can help build their business with branding, and attracting the type of work and type of client best suited for profitable growth.”


“The Analytics Team, Inc. acts as an integrated partner — consulting with them to provide reliable, predictive, custom, even white-label branded, analytics products and services.  We can help them sell their services through assistance with design and in the sales process. We also serve our clients as an internal resource for their teams, training them to competently use analytics tools and think through design and application. We grow with them, but there is a time when they will use us less and rely more on their internal resources.”


You can contact Dr. Diener at for more details.


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